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Our Soups

Three deliciously yummy choices made with the distinct and indigenous flavors of Jamaica. Every pouch is packed with wholesome nutrients in the tasty ground provisions, meats, herbs and proprietary spices. We prepared the island's most loved soup blends to compliment our Hearty Soup line, consisting of Hearty Chicken Soup, Hearty Beef Soup and Hearty Red Peas Soup.

Pouches contain 30oz of soup and comes frozen ready to thaw or heat and eat. It's perfect for a complete meal or as an accompaniment. Our Hearty Red Peas' soups is gluten free and vegetarian with natural coconut milk and red kidney beans.

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Our Soup Story

Yummy Jamaican Soups started as a sharing tradition between a large extended Jamaican family in the United States. For more than two decades, our family traded soups to share our love, celebrate an important milestone and even in the most challenging times to deal with illness or worse. Over the last couple of years, we've  started to share this honored tradition with soup lovers like you

The three traditional types of soups that we currently offer, are cooked in small batches intentionally, to preserve the integrity of the recipes and to ensure that the true meaning behind a heartily made bowl of soup, is not lost in the manufacturing process. We are  family chefs and sharing a good meal is at the heart of all that we do. Our careful and detailed preparation methods solidifies our high standard and integrity as homegrown soup connoisseurs.  Our soups are a premium specialty product that's unique to the brand. That exclusivity may be reflected in our prices. In honor of our commitment to providing superior quality soups and service, every order of Yummy Jamaican soups purchased online arrive with our signature Gold Soup, a symbol of excellence in our soup-making.


 We source all our ingredients from the freshest farms and markets and certified facilities. Our soups are prepared and co-manufactured in a USDA certified commercial facility which ensures the highest standards of preparation and inspection. We oversee every aspect of production to ensure that quality and integrity is paramount as consistent with the brand's standards.

We would love to hear your feedback. A great way to compliment us also, is to share a pouch with your family and friends . #sharethepouch

Buy a Pouch...Spare a Meal.

For every purchase of a Yummy Jamaican product, one warm delicious bowl goes to an unhoused person in New York City. As part of our 'Buy a Pouch...Spare a Meal' initiative, we are able to join forces with two of New York City feeding programs to provide a hot meal for some deserving persons. You can also find us on several street corner posts along with our partners the first Saturday of each month where we offer free vegetarian soups to persons who are hungry and in need. Your purchase helps us support and feed the hungry and unhoused. We are committed to this purpose as part of our corporate and social mission. 




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