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We are publicly fundraising on Kiva to support our expansion

Thank you for stopping by. Like many of you can imagine, operating a small business in a very competitive and volatile market is not an easy task. At the same time, we are excited about our future as a successful brand in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) and Frozen Foods space. We are unique, authentic and wholesome not only in the soups we produce, but also in the way we operate as a family run business. There are opportunities for us to expand to the grocers you know and love, but we need your help. We are excited that we have this opportunity to publicly fundraise and share our delicious product with new audiences and our loyal customers.

Kiva's platform is a great way for you to pitch in and help us fundraise towards the goal of expansion. What's great about Kiva is that Kiva uses crowdfunded microloans as a force for good, creating a space where people can have one-to-one impact, and together, expand financial access for all. Would you consider supporting us today? Please click here to learn more about Kiva and how it works for lenders like you. We are almost at  our goal and we are grateful to supporters like you, who are kind enough to help us get there! Thank you for your consideration in advance.

Please click here to support our loan.

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