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The Hearty Jamaican Red Peas Soup gluten-free and vegan, cooked gourmet style in a rich puree of kosher Kidney Beans and pure coconut milk, ground provisions, fresh herbs and our proprietary spices. Soups are cooked in small batches to preserve the integrity of a multigenerational family recipe. We use only the best and freshest indigenous Jamaican spices and herbs for that authentic exotic flavor.

  • This Red Peas soup is not only delicious, but has a number of health benefits that is known to enhance your everyday life.

  • A great source of plant protein, this gluten-free, low sodium, vegan/vegetarian choice is made with a creamy portion of natural coconut milk.

  • Perfect for as a standalone convenience meal or as an accompaniment.

  • Ready-to-Eat, easy to prepare or store in freezer for later use.

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