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Our Brand Guidelines

Colors, Fonts &Themes

Yummy Jamaican colors are guided by the pantone colors of the Jamaican Flag. Green, Yellow, Black & White. Our web design, social media themes are inline with our brand colors. Various color permutations are used within the core pantone color family. For this website, the primary colors are Green (#358837) and Yellow (#EED51C). The corporate font for Yummy Jamaican is Avenir (Avenir Lights, Avenir Bold)

Registered Mark

The Yummy Jamaican Logo is a registered trademark by the USPTO. It's colors are reflective of the core brand colors of the brand. In all cases, our registered mark must be used for corporate and brand communication, customer communication, social media, advertising and legal documents.

USPTO #97701291

Media Guidelines

Yummy Jamaican is a food company that promotes a happy cheerful vibe. This should be reflected in our advertising and social media.

Enjoying Soup
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